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About PMC

PMC India is a distributor of Dymax Adhesives, Conformal Coatings, Masking Materials, Encapsulants, Potting Compounds, FIP Gaskets, Equipments, Fluid Dispense Systems, All Assembly and Protection Materials, Tridak Filling Solutions, High Performance Oligomers and Hitlock Products.

Premium Metals & Components is a pioneer in the Indian subcontinent providing cost-saving, solvent-free, eco-friendly, advanced engineering assembly materials to its customers supported by in depth technical and applications advice. We distribute a wide range of assembly and protection materials including Dymax adhesives, coatings, maskants, gasketing compounds, potting material, encapsulants, thermally conductive adhesives, Dymax equipment including UV curing equipment, fluid dispense and filling systems. As a full line advanced engineering adhesives, coatings, oligomers, UV equipment, fluid dispensing and filling equipment distributor, we are able to not only provide our customers with correct adhesive for their specific application, but also the best tools to maximize production and uptime.

At PMC, customer satisfaction is key. It is this driving force that enables us to service our customers to the best of our abilities. Even at the nascent stages of our setup, what was clear was that for customers costing and timeliness was of prime importance. Our proactive approach all through the sales process helps us provide customers timely responses and the best solutions. It is therefore no wonder that we have forged relationships with our customers that are forever. Some takeaways in the form of our strength are:

The strength of PMC lies in our people and their ability to work across many industries in the engineering of adhesive and dispensing applications for our customers. Additionally, we excel at the logistics of supplying our products accurately and on time whether it is to a single location or many locations throughout India. We are available to you every step of the way from order to application with technical support and service. We dedicate ourselves to servicing the customer and exceeding their expectations on a daily basis. It is our belief that no customer owes us their business, and to that end, we pledge to treat every order like the first order. We understand the importance of timely and accurate deliveries and have developed quality inventory management programs to ensure this takes place on a routine basis. We have been recognized as an industry leader that provides consistently accurate and timely delivery of products with the requested expert certifications, as well as the documentation and complete labelling that our customers require.

It is our endeavour to be the most capable and knowledgeable supplier of specialty chemicals and adhesives in the marketplace. We have a strong commitment to our employees and customer satisfaction, both of which we believe to be the cornerstones of our success.

PMC has partnered with global leaders such as DYMAX, TRIDAK and HITLOCK to bring to India world class products in the adhesive market. Pre-empting the needs of changing technologies across industries, PMC joins hands with DYMAX to bring to India 100% solvent-free, eco-friendly, UV light curing industrial adhesives and light curing systems for the medical, electronic, optical, glass, plastic, metal, masking, and packaging OEM markets worldwide. PMC is a distributor for Dymax, Tridak and Hitlock products in India.

Along with UV curing adhesives, PMC sells specialized fluid dispensing and filling equipment from Tridak. TRIDAK manufactures a complete line of precision dispensing valves, electro-pneumatic dispensers and controllers, disposable packaging, and complete dispensing and filling systems for industrial assembly and packaging. PMC is also the face for HITLOCK ADHESIVES & SEALANTS. HITLOCK ADHESIVES & SEALANTS are high quality products of Chemence Inc, which is a world leader in Adhesive Technology. Hitlock adhesives are the high performance adhesives and sealants developed for the most demanding applications in the industry.

With requisite and efficient manpower, finance, infrastructure and other resources PMC has attained a high level of diversification in the field of industrial equipment, industrial consumables, industrial imports and technical consultancy services. PMC believes in a philosophy of growth through customer satisfaction. We have gained a legendary status in the area of customer satisfaction and armed with a very competent, dedicated and experienced task force, we deliver time and again.