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Tridak - A Dymax Company

Tridak specializes in fluid dispensing technology. They manufacture a complete line of precision dispensing valves, electro-pneumatic dispensers and controllers, disposable packaging, and complete dispensing and filling systems for industrial assembly and packaging. A broad line of standard components and systems are available. In the event of a unique dispensing challenge, custom solutions may be developed to meet the exact needs of the customer. PMC is a distributor of Tridak products in India.

Dispensing Equipment:

Fluid Dispensing Systems
Complete systems that include material reservoirs, valve controllers, dispensing valves, and stands.
  Pneumatic Dispensing Valves
Pneumatic Dispensing Valves Precision dispensing of low-to-high viscosity fluids with accuracy and consistency.
Valve Controllers
Control pneumatic valve actuation with the push of a switch.
  Micro-Dot™ Syringe Dispenser
Convenient hand-held dispensing with positive-displacement consistency.
Dispensing Pipettes
These pipettes feature all disposable wetted parts, eliminating material contamination and clean-up.

Packaging & Filling Equipment:

Cartridge Filling Systems
Void-free syringe and cartridge filling with one or two component materials. Ideal for contract packaging operations.
  High-Pressure Filling Systems
Fill Vials, compoules, and syringes with extremely high viscosity materials. Ideal for dental composites and gels.
Piston Inserting MachinesSemi-automated piston inserting machines for sealing syringes and barrels.   Syringe Filling Systems
Efficiently package single or dual component syringes.

Dispensing Accessories & Disposables

Air Cap Assemblies
Plastic and aluminum air cap assemblies for use with dispensers.
  Dispensing Tips & Nozzles
Increase the accuracy of dispense with a taper tip or needle dispense tip. Polyethylene nozzles also available for larger flow volumes.
Air Filters/Regulators
Control and regulate air flow for pneumatic equipment.
  Disposable Syringes & Pistons
Black, amber, and clear syringe barrels for use with syringe dispensers. Ideal for packaging adhesives and other materials in.
Bulk Tubing
A variety of tubing materials for use with dispensing valves, systems, and filling equipment
  Material Reservoirs & Pressure Tanks
Store material waiting to be dispensed in these durable and airtight reservoirs.
Material Cartridges & Pistons - 2.5 oz
32 oz material cartridges for use in Tridak material reservoir systems. These cartridges are disposable and are ideal for packaging applications.
  Misc. Accessories
Syringe stands, finger switch actuators, and other dispensing accessories.